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Eva Radulova, the designer-maker behind ERADU Ceramics. "I have been exploring and creating since I was very young. Consequently, I enrolled in a High School of Applied Arts at the age of 13. Ceramics, along with visual arts, were the main subjects in school. It was the beginning of a journey. I started a new chapter in 2013. I moved to the UK to complete a master degree in Ceramic Design at Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, the hearth of ceramics production. I was taught by one of the best in the field. As part of my study, I had a rare chance to do my student work placement with Wedgwood. Being in the studio of one of the best ceramic companies in the UK helped me shape my distinctive style.

You will find me in my studio in Southeast London at present. I enjoy working with porcelain, appreciating the possibilities for creating elegant colour variations with it. Slipcasting is the technique I use to create my works. I seek inspiration in the challenge of blending classic techniques with innovative design. In my work, clear lines fuse tradition and trends in a stylish silhouette that meet the needs of modern life. I found inspiration in Japanese prints like the Kanagawa wave. Developing new shapes is what fascinates me the most as part of creating and designing processes. I always look for a new approach when designing a form. Although it is a challenge that I enjoy taking, considering ceramics is the oldest craft."